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What Do Your Spending Habits Say About You?

Your money is only worth what you spend it on.

Your Life is only worth what you express it on!

Take in those words.

To me they ring true in a way that I’ve not considered before. The original concept came through watching a Youtube video from Kyle Cease but I’ve expanded the original money concept into a fully blown ‘Life’ concept.

Let me explain….

Imagine that I give you a brand spanking new $100 note for you to spend in any way that you choose. You might feel a sense of gratitude (or not) and decide to take yourself to the movies and a nice dinner. You even buy yourself a glass of wine and you have a really lovely night. This night takes you out of the normal hum drum of life and gives you a reprieve but next morning after sending a little mental ‘thank

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Are You Living Passionately?

What pops into your mind at the thought of Living Passionately?

“It’s for someone else! Sure! Not me!” 

For some of us, possibly even most of us, we’ve been programmed to scoff at even the thought of amping up our lives, creating something big, bright and beautiful or perhaps (gasp) striving to have more of all the goodies – including Love, Grace and Abundance.

What if I was to say to you, that our natural state is one of Living Passionately- living life to the max and not on anyone else’s terms except our own. Now this isn’t giving you permission to turn into a controlling megalomaniac who gets everything your own way!

But it is giving you permission to drop into your Heart, feel into your own unique rhythm and create a life that your truly desire

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Another Day. Another Chance!

12th February 2017

Last night I found myself sitting alone on the man made rock wall at Brunswick Heads under a glowing full moon which shed it’s brilliant creamy light on a surging ocean continuously rampaging towards me.

The Lunar eclipse and expected comet were also adding to the celestial intensity as I defiantly sat there daring the huge rolling waves to break over me and take me away – not just splash me relentlessly in it’s teasing fashion.

I was distraught.

I was emotionally exhausted.

I was alone with my thoughts and fears that had risen unceremoniously while in meditation not much earlier that evening.

Meditation is for quieting the mind and stilling the senses bringing peace…. but not this one!

This one felt like a rupturing of my safety net. I saw myself in a haze

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Diamond Light Transmission – Linking Heaven & Earth.

Have you ever thought of yourself as a channel, a conduit of celestial light encoded with information, energy and grace? Have you ever dreamed of being a Light Bearer and Healer for either yourself or humanity?

I know I have! You’re reading this, so I know you have too!

From as young as I can remember, I’ve seen Angels and Beings of Light and felt their subtle energies as they’ve guided me along my path. They’ve guided me in ways that have taken great strength of character and trust. After all, what I’m speaking of here, in the not too distant past was not spoken about at all.

To receive their guidance you need to be fully in your heart space, your child-like innocence, your absolute trust in the unknown and what was once believed as unknowable. More so now than

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