If you’re a lover of focussed attention and you’re ready to really drill down into discovering what means most to you in this world AND you’re ready to see your life transform for the better – then I’m ready to guide you.

You will spend two 1-1.5 hour sessions with me either in person (location dependant) or over Skype (or other internet / phone option).

The sessions are usually held 1 week apart plus there is a 30 min follow up session two weeks after completion with options of further sessions as needed.

Be prepared! These sessions are jam packed with inspiration, ideas, practical tools and an abundance of support tailored to you so that you can really feel comfortable about realising your dreams.

Living Passionately Coaching
Payment in Advance – $297
Additional Sessions – $100/hour.

Location Availability:

These sessions are usually held on Skype or other Internet device. Sessions can be arrange in person if you are local to where I’m currently sailing. Please enquire.


When I first signed up to do The Passion Test with Karen I was at a point in my life where, I wasn’t 100% certain of the direction I was heading in. I honestly thought I was already putting my focus into my passions and that The Passion Test couldn’t possibly do anything “life changing” for me. Oh how I was wrong! It turns out that my #1 Passion was something that I thought about a lot but I wasn’t putting any of my attention on. Once my energy was channeled into my #1 Passion, all of a sudden things started to flow, doors were opening up and I had a deep feeling of assurance that was on the right path.
Karen made the whole process so easy for me to be open and honest in a space free from any judgement. The experience has been invaluable, and the tools Karen provided throughout the process can be kept and referred back to forever.
Thank you so much Karen, my life has changed in a hugely positive way and I don’t believe I would have arrived at this point so soon without you.
Lots of Love,

Meagan (NZ)
I was drawn to do ‘The Passion Test’ with Karen when I found myself at a crossroad in my life and was completely unaware of how to move forward.
The passion test gave me more than I ever could have imagined. In the beginning I had no idea what my passions even were but during my first session with Karen I gained so much clarity on what is important to me and how to integrate it into my life. Karen also helped me to identify areas within myself which required nurturing and gave me the tools to be able to move forward into a place where I could live passionately.
I have been amazed at how quickly, once I identified my passions, they were manifested into my life and I can now be confident that I am, and will continue to be, on the right path.
Karen creates a space of love, non-judgment, and inspiration. The personal growth I gained working with Karen has been invaluable and I could not encourage anyone more to go ahead and do The Passion Test as the experience is quite literally life changing.
Thank you so much Karen xx

Jamie (NZ)